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Appellate & Motion Practice
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Divorce and Custody

Insurance Bad Faith

LGBTQ+ Planning

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Peter Traska and Michelle Traska are a husband and wife legal team that understand the complex needs of a busy life. Let their experience help make your journey through the legal mine field easier.

Lawyers are not "one size fits all"


Be wary of the lawyer who takes your case without talking to you first! Traska Law Firm realizes that not all lawyers and cases fit together. This is why we offer the first hour consultation free of charge. We can get to know the facts and clients, while they get to know us and our style. This way, we can ensure the best chance of a successful relationship.

Results Driven


We use your knowledge of the facts alongside our knowledge of the law to create a plan that gets results. 

In good times and bad, TLF is here to help


Whether you are building up a business or breaking down a marriage, the law can be complex. Our knowledge of the law will ensure your legal needs are met. Our knowledge of people will make you feel at home.

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